PeeWee Pony School

We trademarked the term PeeWee Pony School ™ and PeeWee Pony Rides ™ in 1983 when we noticed some of our riders were tiny and loved to ride and work with horses of their own relative size. The term has been imitated and has caught on since then.

Many pony schools have one or two ponies, which six kids ride in one session or they strap kids onto a merry-go-round and call that, "learning to ride."

This is not what we do.
At Epona Farms we build confidence and assure your child a positive first experience. At our Saturday morning school and week long camps the Pee Wee kids learn to groom and take care of their own little horse. They get over any possible fears real quick. The horses are not threatening because they are small like the kids and we have at least six tiny horse "buddies" at all times. Our kids can ride large minis, Shetland's and small American Ponies because we fit each student with the right mount.

65% of our Saturday PeeWee riders go on to take at least one week-long PeeWee camp and most of the camp kids graduate to larger horses. This graduated approach engenders lasting self-confidence that continues into many areas of life including school and later career success.

Be sure to call first and then drop by for a tour. We are on site most weeks, unless we are away at a show.


Many PeeWee kids become solo riders after a few lessons. When kids get this good their sense of accomplishment is profound and that self-esteem carries over into home and classroom activities, setting the foundation for future leadership skills.

Left: Liz Pride gets kids ready for their first grooming session at one of our week long PeeWee camps. Parents are invited to stay and help out.